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 Building the Foundations of Literacy 

Reasons to Include Phonics in a Balanced Literacy Program

1. Phonics will Increase Student TELPAS Proficiency Levels with English Language Learners in Reading & Writing 

2. Phonics increases Reading Fluency, Writing Fluency and Comprehension across all Content Areas 

3. Phonics helps English Language Learners and Struggling Readers to Make Sense of English Reading and Spelling Rules

Teaching English Phonics Includes: 
Alphabet Knowledge
Letter Names and Sounds
Syllable Division
6 Syllable Types
Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words
Reading Rules
Spelling Rules

Alphabet Activities


6 Syllable Types


Syllable Division

Discovery Learning

Literacy learning should be designed to incorporate all learning preferences including visual, auditory and tactile. Becoming a proficient reader involves making meaning out of text. In order to make meaning a student must be able to decode words accurately and fluently. 

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